Brian, Florida

My tiled patio was verrrry slippery when wet ...when I received this product I was skeptical that it would etch the glaze. After 15 minutes the result was unbelievable! We can now walk the patio without fear.

    Yes, I recommend this product.


Nik, North Carolina

We installed 'outdoor' tile on our walkway and entryway, we were told it would be fine. Right, it was better than a Slip + Slide. Local stores couldn't offer any help, so we googled found JG. Your product performs perfectly. Thanks!

   Yes, I recommend this product.


Troy, Tennessee

Erwin Health Care Center is a 125 bed nursing facility in a rural area. The building has a country theme, but has a rustic tile floor with uneven surfaces. Many products have been used in attempt to clean the ceramic finish. Some do clean but have a slick residue which is unsafe for our residents. Johnny Grip cleans and leaves a slip resistant floor that allows our residents the freedom to explore and enjoy their surroundings. I would recommend this product to any health care provider that wants to reduce slips and falls.

    Yes, I recommend this product.


Pam, Louisiana

I used Johnny Grip on my white glazed tiles in my bathroom and couldn't have been more pleased. I was on the verge of having to get them knocked out and replaced with safer ones. After using your product, I will not be replacing them or worrying about slipping on the new ones.

   Yes, I recommend this product.


Ed, Idaho

JG was easy to order and received promptly. The people I talked to on the phone were very helpful. My wife and I first treated a 600 SqFt tiled patio near our pool that was dangerously slippery when wet. She started with the JG at one end and 15 minutes later I followed with the water mop keeping the same pace. We were done with the entire process in less than an hour. Easy to do and it worked! In fact, we took what JG was left and did all our tubs and showers just to be safe

   Yes, I recommend this product.


Jeff, Ohio

Bought this product to treat a VERY slippery porcelain tub. My kids had slipped several times - even with a suction cup bath mat. The mat kept sliding due to the presence of soap under the mat, even though we rinsed it after each use. Followed the directions that came with Johnny Grip, treating the bottom and part way up the sides of the tub. Left it on for 20 minutes, wiping occasionally to keep it wet per the directions. Rinsed it off and initially didn't feel much difference with my hand, but with bare feet on the wet porcelain I felt like Spider man compared to how it was before. Added soap to the tub and still was non-skid. Excellent product. Note that for my tub, the product did cause a very slight loss of sheen, but it isn't anything approaching dull and noone accept you will notice it. Very satisfied with this product and would recommend to others for treating tubs.

    Yes, I recommend this product.


John, New Hampshire

I purchased a restaurant in January of this year and immediately started renovations to the bar and lounge area. We put down what we thought was the perfect tile to match the decor, but we didn't look close enough that the surface was very smooth. After many hours of labor the floor was done and looked great ! We opened the restaurant a few weeks later and soon discovered that even one drop of water on this floor made it slippery beyond belief ! It got to the point that we were thinking that we would have to carpet over the tile, till we saw this product line and thought we' better give it a try. Well I put it on for the 15 minutes and noticed a great improvement, but I thought it could be better so l left it on for an hour. What a difference !!!! This floor now can be totally wet and is absolutely non slip !!! This product works and is amazing !! I cant say enough about it !! It saved me from a potential law suit and from having to carpet over the tiles !!!! Thank you !!!!!

    Yes, I recommend this product.


Claudette, Texas

We bought a house with a glossy ceramic tile floor in the kitchen/den and 3 baths. My husband slipped on this floor in January and broke his hip. I slipped on the floor after washing it 6 weeks ago and shattered my right wrist. It was more than obvious to us that something needed to be done to the floor to make it non-skid and safer. I found Johnny Grip on the Internet and bought it. My husband applied it and it worked just great. We left it on for 30 minutes, it took most of the gloss away but did leave a non-skid surface and we feel more secure. We are very satisfied with this product and what it claims it can do, it does.

   Yes, I recommend this product.


Doug, Missouri

I had some problems initially, however the sales department really understands the meaning of the word customer service and took care of the problem. Thanks so much!

   Yes, I recommend this product.


Angela , New Jersey

Dear Patricia, I called you about this product. I told you I was having a really big party and have tile on a patio area when people come out of the pool and how slippery it was. I took your word and bought this wonderful product. It was very easy to apply and best of all. It really works. I just want to thank you for your honesty and your product. I was sure I was going to have to rip this tile up. You and your product have saved the day. Thank you once again.

   Yes, I recommend this product.


Barbara, Texas

Excellent. This solved the problem of a slippery shower. It was very easy to apply; worked with one application. Shipping was on schedule. I would definitely recommend the product to others.


   Yes, I recommend this product.


John, Texas

Helped a little bit but was mostly disappointing. easy to apply. I left it on for 30 minutes after testing an area. I never washed it out so that might have made a difference.

    No, I would not recommend this product.


Jackie , California

I purchased johnny grip because my old porcelain tub made slipping & falling hard to avoid. my daughter actually researched for me and found this product. it is a miracle! i don't slip anymore & i am not afraid of falling. a resounding yes! yes! yes! i would recommend and re-purchase.

    Yes, I recommend this product.


Frank, Myrtle beach

Unbelievable difference! Used on porcelain tiles that the previous owner of our home used to cover the porch. Not surprisingly, they were treacherously slippery when wet, almost soapy slippery. Applying this took about 25 minutes, and made the tiles far more grippy when wet. Saved us from having to remove the tiles and replace them.

We were always afraid to step onto our porch on a rainy day, now it’s a different story. Delivery was a bit slow, but this product does a great job. I highly recommend it!

   Yes, I recommend this product.


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